ALL MY PUNY SORROWS, winner of 2 Canadian Screen Awards, opens this week!

"Michael McGowan’s moving adaptation of Miriam Toews’ beloved novel All My Puny Sorrows is propelled by nuanced direction, an affecting script, and a truly stellar, fearless cast." - TIFF

"Fans of the novel will enjoy a faithful adaptation of one of the best Canadian books of the last decade. As audience members watching the film, we can expect a new clarity regarding the futility of our tiny little lives." - Varsity

Drama Mothering Sunday is filled with a week’s worth of rich performances.

Critic's Pick.

By Anne T. Donoghue, Globe and Mail                                     April 6, 2022


The much anticipated movie Mothering Sunday arrives on Friday!


Just Announced! New doc-thriller, NAVALNY, is coming to the Playhouse, April 11 & 12 only!

Shot as the story unfolded and made in secret, NAVALNY is the riveting new documentary that details the harrowing ordeal of Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader poisoned with novichok. Screening is followed by a special pre-recorded Q&A with the film's producers.


2021 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity opens at the Playhouse Friday!

Representing almost every continent and spanning cultures from around the globe, the award-winning ads are a fascinating window to the world.

Get tickets to see the best in the art of persuasion!


Opens Friday! From the filmmakers behind 'March of the Penguins.'

"Nature documentaries don’t get much better than THE VELVET QUEEN, a captivating journey to the Tibetan mountains, where we follow two men on a quest to find and photograph the elusive, reclusive snow leopard." - San Jose Mercury


Oscar weekend is here at the Playhouse and it's a great time to celebrate film! Grab tickets today to all screenings, including getting your free seats for our live Oscars broadcast! 

This is a big weekend for us at the Playhouse, since we are screening a historic, 35mm film print, directly from Hollywood! Don't miss this rare chance to see Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train on 35mm!  


Best International Film nominee, 'Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom,' opens Friday!

"Opening the doors to a land and people most Westerners know little about, the director crafts a crowd-pleaser in stunning, mostly unseen locations..." - Los Angeles Times


35mm film continues this weekend at the Playhouse with a rare chance to see the Best Picture Nominated film, The Power of the Dog on 35mm film! 3 screenings only, this weekend!

We got lucky this weekend and happened to land a 35mm film print of The Power of the Dog. Check it out all this weekend, it's the best way to take in and see this Oscar Nominated film! 


Special 35mm Presentation:

Best Picture-nominated THE POWER OF THE DOG in 35mm film!

Get tickets here to see The Power of the Dog in Spectacular 35mm!
MARCH 18, 19, 20 & 23

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