st_giles_church_main_and_holton.jpegSave St. Giles Church Hamilton! Sign the Petition, today! Let's work together to preserve Hamilton architecture! 

Tomorrow is a crucial day for gathering community support to save St. Giles. Council votes on Wednesday April 14th for a heritage designation.

Sign the petition here, please.


The 2021 Oscar Nominated Short Films are here and we have them on-tap for a limited time through a Playhouse at Home virtual screening! Get tickets here! 

Support the cinema and get tickets to the animated, live-action and documentary short films! All of these are nominated for Oscars this year and we get to keep a % of each ticket sold! 

153777120_130095732337611_6929144782625003135_n.jpgPrivate or... 'Bubble Rentals' are here at the Playhouse for a limited time! Book your spot now, to take in films with your friends and family!  


Film Festivals Are Back! ... The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Is Here! 

82220008_599571857460300_6491137035410079744_n.jpgReopening? It Could Be Coming... Get Ahead On It & Check Out Private Rental Information Here! 

Ontario is looking to start re-opening the economy, so what does that mean for the cinema and the movie-going experience at the Playhouse? Let us break that down the best we can, in the simplest way. Keep in mind, just because we might be able to do some of these things, does not mean we will immediately. 


Film Festivals Are Back? Yep! Get Tickets Today To Experience VIMFF 2021!

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2021 is coming to the Playhouse for an exclusive run of virtual screenings from the 19th to the 28th! 


Some of the greatest movie posters, ever are up for auction!

This week we just added a whole lot more movie posters to our online auction for you to bid on, to support the Playhouse Cinema! 


Some of the greatest movie posters, ever are up for auction!


We wish our doors could be open. But they aren't. 

In a normal year, a cinema like the Playhouse would be open 363 days of the year. This year? We were open for 190 days in total. It's been hard, it's been challenging and it hasn't been the year we thought it would be... but who can't say that after a year like this, right?


Indie cinema needs your support now, more than ever! Shop for Playhouse Holiday Gift Packs and our NEW Epic Books Combo Pack here! Just read through this week's newsletter and show your support where you can! 

Just a heads up... Starting this Friday, we've moved our Friday & Saturday Popcorn Pick-Up time at the Playhouse from 6-8pm to 3-5pm! Stop by for some afternoon snacks, Christmas shopping in person and more! 

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